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Input of a complete
set on cars


A decent contractor

One legal entity.
Any internal security check.
Only honest services.

We will do everything for you

We will send the
documents to the Executive organs,
with their subsequent approval.
You will only need to send us
the relevant package of documents
in paper or electronic form.

Office in Moscow

Without errors

Payment upon
performance of services

Free consultation

A decent

We will do
everything for you

We will contact you
and tell you about the conditions of cooperation

We will coordinate and carry out a temporary registration
of foreign railway cars with the entry of information
about the tenant in the database of the ICC for RA.
If necessary, we will undertake the procedure
of customs clearance of wagons when buying them.

We will save you up to 50% of funds for
scheduled repairs when transferring cars for mileage.

We will carry out the accelerated rapid number-specific
accounting of locomotives/motor-car rolling stock
in accordance with the norms and rules
in force in the field of railway transport.

Our clients

What they say about us

We are on the map

Subscription wagons
Car registration
Express wagon registration
Approval approval
Registration of locomotives
Wagon dislocation

  • 1. We will form the necessary set of documents for registration/re-registration of raiway cars.
  • 2. Using electronic document management, we will send a set of documents to the Federal Agency of Railway Transport.
  • 3. Within 1-10 days we will coordinate the application for registration/re-registration of cars.
  • 4. We will offer 20% lower price than the market, depending on the selected package and the total number of wagons. More details
  • 1. We will form the necessary set of documents for the subscript of wagons.
  • 2. Within 3 days we will coordinate a set of documents on railways of uncommon use and with the chief of station of a subscript.
  • 3. Using electronic document management, we will send a set of documents to the Directorate of traffic management - a branch of JSCo "Russian Railways", with its subsequent approval.
  • 4. We will offer the cost of 20% below market, depending on the total number of railway cars. More details
More details
More details


Why 9 out of 10 of our clients
become permanent

Regulatory and reference material
Select one of the documents to download

Our partners

Our additional services
in certain areas

Transfer to
repair by mileage

Registration of

acts of admission

Lease registration
foreign railway cars

Organize getting acts of admission for the railway cars,
past planned type of repair

Other areas of the company RedHolt

We will carry out the detachment of railway cars
from Russia when they are sold to another state.

We formulate a price proposal for a monthly fixed payment

Quickly enter the data on the configuration.
New railway cars in the main computer center
of Russian Railways for the successful cruising the network.

You do not need to recruit your own staff to register railway cars, because it can be trusted to professionals

Without errors

Contact us, you exclude the
possibility of making a mistake
at any stage of the work.

Office in Moscow

You can meet with us to discuss
the conditions and all the details
of the work in 30 minutes
after the first call.

Payment upon
performance of services

Pay only for the finished result,
which can be evaluated and checked.


- Промывочно-пропарочная станция

- Офис

Railway company

+7 (495) 150-36-18

We will help you to get it for free:
- application for registration
- application for cruising
- application for subscript
- act of admission of the railway cars
- letter for assignment of the owner code.
In case of detection of even minor errors in
self-filing you may be denied registration, which
will lead to downtime of railway cars
and additional costs.
More details
More details
More details
More details


Fully taking on the issues of registration of railway cars' ownership and rental, including the planned re-registration, change of ownership and tenants, subscript of wagons, receiving acts of admission

In the title of the document, write the name
of the company


Free consultation

Get professional help
without even being our client.
Simply so.
Without imposing services.

You report us the total numbers of railway cars to accompany

and tell you about the cost of services

Do not want to do
all the registration actions?
Trust it to us!

ОГРН: 1146733017650   ИНН: 6732078775

Regulation on the processing of personal data

+7 (495) 150-36-18

Any questions?
Call us and we will be glad to answer them!